Report 2022

Exclusive report: Can utilities turn EVs into a grid asset?

Solutions are on hand to make sure the power system is ready to welcome more than one hundred millions of EVs. This is the conclusion of EY and Eurelectric’s collaborative report, ‘Power sector accelerating e-mobility’.

Analysing the impact that millions of EVs will have on the electricity grid, the report reveals that the electricity grid will be able to support over 100 million EVs. Once EV penetration will reach 50% on a distribution network, managed charging will serve to avoid voltage deviations and a loss in the quality of power supply.

Appropriate planning of charging infrastructure and simplified permitting will also be paramount to the success of e-mobility and needs to be addressed urgently.

Key figures

  • Representing 3.3 million vehicles today, EVs are expected to reach 65 million vehicles by 2030 – and 130 million by 2035.
  • 65 million chargers will be needed by 2035. 9 million of those will be public chargers versus 360,000 today.
  • 85% of all chargers are expected to be residential; 6% in the workplace, 4% public and 5% at destinations.
  • €115bn cumulative investment is needed between 2022 and 2035.
  • EV penetration will see electricity demand in transport grow by 11% per year.

Critical asks: Eurelectric recommendations for policymakers

The grid will cope with the increased demand that accompanies the EV transition. Realising this will however require appropriate planning of charging infrastructure and effective coordination between all stakeholders in the EV ecosystem.

To this end, Eurelectric has produced recommendations for policymakers. These include sustaining emissions reduction targets, enhancing public and private charging infrastructure, supporting the development of smart solutions, and guaranteeing a seamless consumer experience.

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