6 March - Afternoon


Registration and Welcome Coffee


Session #1 | Opening Session

Opening session with presentation of the Eurelectric-EY joint study on e-mobility.


Battery Recharge & Networking Coffee


Session #2 | Unlocking the Power of EV Data Interoperability

Data interoperability is a linchpin for accelerating the adoption of electric vehicles. This session will investigate the fundamental significance of data sharing and compatibility within the EV ecosystem. We will explore how data interoperability can streamline operations, improve user experiences, and enable new services and technologies. Join us for a comprehensive examination of the potential unlocked when data flows seamlessly across the EV industry.


Session #3 | Data-Driven Grid Modernisation for Electric Mobility

Step into the future of electric mobility in this dynamic session. We will unravel the electrifying synergy between data exchange and grid modernisation as we explore the world of electric vehicles. Discover how data-driven insights are revolutionising the grid to accommodate the surge in EVs. We will journey through the realms of smart charging, real-time data analytics, and grid management innovations, painting a vivid picture of how grid modernisation and data exchange are reshaping the way we power our electric future. Join us to unlock the electrifying potential of a grid primed for the era of electric mobility.


Networking Cocktail

7 March - Morning


Welcome & Session #4 | Enhancing the EV User Experience through Better Data Management

For EV owners, a seamless experience is crucial. This session will spotlight the tangible impact of data interoperability on the overall user journey. We will discuss how interoperable data can simplify charging, provide real-time insights, and enhance convenience for EV users. Attendees will gain a deeper understanding of how interoperable data can transform the daily lives of electric vehicle owners.


Battery Recharge & Networking Coffee


Session #5 | Cleantech Clash: Global Struggles in Electric Vehicle Primacy

In the heart of the global cleantech arena, tensions are simmering between the European Union, the United States, and China over the race for dominance in electric vehicle (EV) production. Join us in this riveting session as we dissect the geopolitical and economic dimensions of this high-stakes contest. We’ll explore the intricacies of trade disputes, supply chain vulnerabilities, and the battle for technological supremacy in the EV industry. Prepare for passionate debates, expert insights, and a deep dive into the policies, strategies, and international implications of this ongoing cleantech clash. Discover how this power struggle is shaping the future of EVs, and what it means for the world’s transition to sustainable transportation.

12:00– 13:00

Session #6 | EV Adoption Outlook and Charging Deployment in Europe

In this session, we will delve into the current and projected state of electric vehicle (EV) adoption across Europe. We will explore the latest trends, government initiatives, and market dynamics influencing the growth of EVs. Additionally, we will examine the status of charging infrastructure deployment, both present and future plans. Expect insights into charging station networks, locations, and their role in shaping the EV landscape across the continent.


Concluding Remarks


Networking Lunch