True Energy

EV SmartCharge and demand response flexibility

SmartCharge with True Energy App

The price of electricity fluctuates hour by hour. At the same time there are hours when power is produced by renewable energy sources and other times when it’s mostly produced by gas or diesel power plants. The True Energy App controls the charging of EVs, so the car will be charged automatically when electricity is cheapest and/or most climate-friendly – through the App we provide SmartCharge.

The EV owner chooses whether he wants to prioritize the lowest price or the most climate-friendly charging. Fortunately, the two often coincide, providing all the benefits at the same time.

Balancing the grid

The future is electric. This increases loads on our shared energy grid. But True Energy take advantage of the EV batteries to balance the grid.

When the EV owner has created a charge plan in the True Energy app, the car becomes part of a sustainable charging network, which helps balance the energy grid – just by being available. True Energy balances the energy grid by momentarily pausing EV charging for brief periods if the energy grid comes under too great pressure – or by quickly starting charging a lot of EV’s if the electricity consumption needs to be raised immediately.

After a period of balancing the grid, charging of the EV restarts automatically in order to secure final charging of the EV so it’s always ready in the morning and charged according to the user’s preferences.

True Energy is approved to provide frequency relation to the Danish TSO, Energinet, and also participates in local peak shaving with Danish and Norwegian DSOs.

The money True Energy earns from balancing the grid is shared with the EV owners as discounts on the electricity bill.