Helping energy companies build digital products for smart charging and smart heating



We help energy retailers modernise their offering to EV drivers and electrically heated households with an easy to implement B2B2C product, that includes:

  • Easy to implement front-end features, embeddable in your existing app
  • Automatic smart energy management for smart charging and smart heating
  • Cloud-to-cloud connectivity to smart home appliances such as EV’s, EV chargers, heat pumps and other heating appliances. No additional hardware or installations needed!



Our energy retail partners are able to gain and retain high margin electricity customers – while helping them take part in the energy transition in a hassle-free way. As easy as it should be!

Our energy management capabilities include consumer value:

  • Savings from scheduling energy consumption based on variability in the cost;
  • Lowered environmental impact by consuming energy based on levels of CO2 in the grid.

And value for retailers and grids:

  • Reacting to flexibility needs in the power system, locally for DSO value and nationally for TSO value;
  • Optimizing retailer portfolio costs for risk management and higher returns.

The aim for these types of services should be to combine value to the consumer, value to the retailer and value to the power system -  all automatically.



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