Building value through smart energy applications has never been this easy!



When and how we consume energy matters: Cost of electricity is more volatile than ever – on consumer level and wholesale. CO2 levels in the power system fluctuate as we are striving towards a green energy future. Balancing needs on all grid levels are growing, as we work towards electrifying heating and transportation across Europe.


The energy system is in constant fluctuation and we need new ways for optimizing it – algorithms for smart energy consumption are the key to a greener energy future.

Hiven partners with electricity retailers who want to offer their customers the opportunity of consuming energy in a smarter way. The product is a B2B2C service that includes:

  • Easy-to-implement front-end features, embeddable in the retailers existing app
  • Cloud-to-cloud connectivity to smart home appliances such as EV’s, EV chargers, heat pumps and other heating appliances. No additional hardware or installations needed!
  • Automatic smart energy management for smart charging and smart heating: a value stack consisting of consumer price optimization, demand response and wholesale market optimization.

Case study: Energy retailer Väre offering smart charging to its customers in Finland:

In a joint pilot, one of the largest electricity retailers in Finland Väre, offers its retail customers the possibility of smart charging. In the pilot, customers connect their EV charging to be optimized according to variability in consumer pricing over the cloud.

Consumers connecting their devices through Väre get automatic savings on their electricity contract, without compromising comfort.

On a yearly average, consumer electricity bills can be lowered by 20-50% depending on the country, charging solution and consumer pricing model. In 2021 in Finland, consumers could have saved up to 300€ on their cost of charging at home.



By connecting over the cloud to all the existing smartness in our homes, Hiven Energy can steer EV charging, electric heating, and other forms of electric consumption in a smarter way. Hiven Energy optimizes the energy system end-to-end, providing value to the consumers and to power system stability.



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