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Connecting and accelerating e-mobility across Europe

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E-mobility accelerates growth for the transport sector, power industry and digital sphere. Businesses, consumers, and policymakers are compelled to rethink mobility as they navigate this new market.

Yet, any successful European transition to a decarbonised and electrified transport system calls for cross-sectorial collaboration. Emerging players must identify shared operational challenges and exchange best practices to reach mutually beneficial solutions.

To this end, Eurelectric has launched the EVision business hub, which convenes the various market players in and beyond the power sector. The main goal: facilitating the uptake and expansion of e-mobility across Europe.

The EVision Business Hub is accessible and free-of-charge to Eurelectric full and business members.

Discussion Topics

Renewable energy

Grid connection

Charging modes

Smart Charging, V2G


Heavy-Duty EVs


Digital Interoperability

Events and Meetings

6 Sep 2023

Electrifying Corporate Fleets

29 Nov 2023

Data Sharing for EV Charging @Enlit in Paris

06-07 Mar 2024

4th Annual EVision Summit @Autoworld in Brussels

Join us at EVision – the annual regulatory affairs event in Brussels connecting thought leaders at the crossroad of transport and power industries.

EVision also serves as the annual publication moment of the Eurelectric-EY joint study that reveals the year-on-year developments in e-mobility uptake in Europe. EVision 2024 will take place from 6-7 of March at Autoworld in Brussels. Registration to the event will open soon.

4th Annual EVision Summit @Autoworld in Brussels

Case Studies

Hiven Energy


ETREL - GreenWay

True Energy

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